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Eclipse 2017



New Roof


March 1, 2017

Feb 28, 2017

What a mess. . .

10 years

I’ve been blogging here since very early 2007. This blog had grown to such a huge monster that I left it for a time before coming back. Now as the new year starts, I decided to clean house. I kept a few posts from years gone by, but deleted a great quantity of posts (over 700!)

What’s left is a good sampling of what was important in past years along with family photos and memories.

Going forward this blog will become more curated . . . meaning I will keep the best and delete the rest. 2016 posts will remain up until the same month in 2017, then I’ll sort through and decide what to keep and what to let go of. In some respects this is the exact way I handle my journals. I burn them in a “ritual” each year on New Year’s Eve.

Season of Creation, D 26


I’ve added a new piece to my line-up of “stuff to take when going out kit.” Now, along with my Klean Kanteen, bandana/napkin, and wooden spoon (because I seem to have misplaced my silicon spoon) I have a stainless steel food container. It has a really tight fitting lid and clamps to hold the lid down. I can take lunch or a snack with me or . . . Super exciting I can use it like a doggie bag without the styrofoam container. This makes me super happy. I don’t eat out very often, but when I do I always have a good bit of the meal leftover. Sometimes I bring it home despite the styrofoam. But this thing, it is a game changer for me!

New Orleans — 2016