Books 2016

1. A Year With God (D8-39) by R. Foster
2. Divergent by V Roth
3. Insurgent by V Roth
4. Allegiant by V Roth
5. Harry Potter #1 (audio, with family)
6. Harry Potter #2 (audio, with family)
7. Tommy and the Staff of Light by T Kerr
8. Simple Matters by E Boyle

A Year with God (D 40-68)
9. Harry Potter #3 (audio, with family)
10. Falling Upward by R Rohr
11. The Enneagram by R Rohr
12. An Uncollected Death by M Wolfe
13. An Unexamined Wife by M Wolfe
14. An Undisclosed Vocation by M Wolfe

A Year with God (D 69-101)
15. Adult Children of Emototional Immature Parents by L Gibson
16. The Real Eve by S Oppenheimer
17. Not Angels, but Anglicans edited by H Chadwick
18. Departure by AG Riddle
19. Spark Joy by M Kondo
20. Taliessin by S Lawhead
21. Christ of the Celts by JP Newell
22. The Great Courses: The History of Language (36 lessons)
23. Downward Facing Death by M Kelly

A Year With God (D 102-131)
24. Listening for the Heartbeat of God by JP Newell
25. Merlin by S Lawhead
26. The Nine Tailors by D Sayers
27. Harry Potter #4 (audio, with family)
28. The Story of the World, vol 1 by SW Bauer
29. The Story of the World, vol 2. By SW Bauer
30. The Story of the World, vol 3, by SW Bauer
31. Harry Potter and Philosophy edited by G Bassham
32. The Best of All Possible Worlds by K Lord

A Year with God (D132-162)
33. The Crystal Cave by M Stewart
34. Aim True by K Budig
35. CNA Edge: Reflections from Year One (by Y, A and M)
**I seem to have misplaced my May list.**

36. A Year with God (D163-192)
37. The Hollow Hills by M Stewart
38. Notes from a Blue Bike by T Oxenreider
39. Harry Potter #5 (audio with family)
40. The Last Enchanntment by M Stewart
41. Harry Potter #6 (audio with family)
42. The Hidden Oracle by R Riordan
43. Pride and Prejudice by J Austen

44. A Year with God (chapters on Silence and Simplicity)
45. Harry Potter #7 (audio with family)
46. The Rest of God by M Buchanan
47. Omega City by D Peterfreund
48. The Kill Order by J Dashner
49. For Darkness Shows the Stars by D Peterfreund
50. Across a Star Swept Sea by D Peterfreund

51. Empyrion I: The Search for Fierra by S Lawhead
52. Empyrean II: The Siege of Dome by S Lawhead
53. The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by B Su
54. Yoga Journal Sept Issue
55. National Geographic Sept issue
56. The Seventh Hour by T Ward
57. Departure by AG Riddle

58. The Gifts of Imperfection by B Brown
59. A Wrinkle in Time by M M’Engle
60. Timepiece by H Albano
61. Timekeeper by H Albano
62. A Matter of Magic by P Wrene
63. The Atlantis Gene by A Riddle
64. The Atlantis Plague by A Riddle
65. The Atlantis World by A Riddle

66. These Broken Stars by Kaufman and Spooner
67. This Shattered World by Kaufman and Spooner
68. Their Fractured Light by Kaufman and Spooner
69. The Fever Code by J Dashner
70. The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda by M Fondin(began in Sept)
71. The Wheel of Ayurveda: Companion Workbook by M Fondin (began in Sept)
72. Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing by V Lad
73. The Prime by K Chaudhary
74. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (book 2) by R Riordan
75. The Divine Dance by R Rohr

76. Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery
77. Anne of Avonlea by LM Montgomery
78. Anne of the Island by LM Montgomery
79. Code Name: Verity by E Wein
80. The Joy of Less by F May
81.Anne of Windy Poplars by LM Montgomery
82. Anne’s House of Dreams by LM Montgomery

83. Anne of Ingleside by LM Montgomery
84. Rainbow Valley by LM Montgomery
85. Rilla of Ingleside by LM Montgomery
86. Born a Crime by T Noah

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