About Kim

Kimberly — It is who I am.  I got the name when I was just a wee little girl and it has taken me 48 (now 50) years to grow into it.

  • INFJ— the truest concise statement of how I tick (ever)
  • Believer — on a journey from Methodist (as a child) to strict Presbyterian (as an adult) to contented Anglican/Episcopalian (currently and finally)
  • Book lover (but not picky, if it has a cover or comes on Kindle, I’ll read it)
  • Yoga lover (I like a slow, simple, flowing, peaceful practice)
  • Tree hugger (taking care of Creation as best as I can)
  • Wife and Mom (warrior when needed)

INFJ — https://hedgeshappenings.wordpress.com/about-kim/infj/

Tree Hugger — https://hedgeshappenings.wordpress.com/90-riot/

Health Coach — https://hedgeshappenings.wordpress.com/in-the-garden/

Dream Cottage — https://hedgeshappenings.wordpress.com/dream-cottage/

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