I’m still in

Ten years ago my family and I participated in the 90% Riot for Austerity project.  The goal was to get your carbon footprint down to 10% of the American average.

In ten years our circumstances have changed dramatically.

  • We are all 10 years older
  • Our home is 10 years older
  • We have gone through 2 tornados in our home (March 2, 2012 and March 1, 2017)
  • and the list goes on and on.

One thing we have remained committed to is creation care.  You could say it is my defining cause.  (Not that autism advocacy isn’t a primary cause, but my son can self-advocate a lot more these days — and he’s home full-time again, so that helps eliminate a great deal of his stress/anxiety triggers)

As an environmentalist and an Episcopalian, I am deeply troubled by the removal of my country from the Paris Climate Agreement.  So I am taking things into my own hands again.  My family will reduce our carbon footprint 26% by 2025 — just like President Obama pledged.

We will do this in several ways:

  1. We will bring out the lessons we learned from the Riot and implement those things that are truly sustainable.
  2. We will patronize only shops/businesses that actively seek to lower their carbon footprint (there is a list of companies who are pledging to “stay in” and abide by the Paris Climate Agreement standards for our country).
  3. I will continue to write and call (and otherwise hound) my Senators and Congressman to do the right things for our planet.
  4. I will continue to write and call my Governor about climate change and actions.
  5. I will begin to blog about our actions and things we already have in place to reduce our carbon footprint.

Things we are actively doing this week to lower our carbon footprint:

  1.  Signed up for 100% wind power.
  2. Sent letter to solar panel company.



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