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At Home in the World


It is finally here! At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider is a beautiful memoir of a young family traveling the world for 9 months.

It really took me back to our days as a young family: adventures in our own back yard, state parks, national parks, living in Germany, and living in far eastern Turkey.

I wouldn’t trade those days for anything!

April –continuation of the overhaul

New Roof


March Madness

Definitely not basketball, but it felt like a sporting event!

Massive purge of my closet going on here.

Before– (winter shoes not shown)

Removed from closet– (plus a milk crate of shoes)

After–And now I actually have a closet of coordinating clothes, probably for the first time since I outgrew Granimals!

These are just my warm weather clothes.  I put 7 long sleeve shirts, 3 sweaters, winter boots, and my coats in a single tote!

Base colors: navy and tan.  Accent colors: brick red, rust, green, and teal. (A few tshirts, slacks, and a pair of jeans were in the wash.)  Also, I only kept the scarf on the left.  It’s a much better size for a petite person.