pen, paper, stamp


Yesterday Hannah and I sat together in the living room writing out our weekly postcards. I’ve decided to use mine to educate my representatives about the nature, challenges, and blessings of parenting an adult with autism.

I realize I can’t appeal to their sense of fairness. They don’t live our lives. They don’t face our struggles. Nor do they share our joy. Nor do they share our fierce determination to protect the one we love.

This first card introduced them to my family and why the ACA has ben a life saver for us. Literally a life saver.

In Indiana you can call:

Senator Joe Donnelly (202)224-4814

Senator Todd Young (202)224-5623

IN District 6 — Rep Luke Messer (202)225-3021


What I’m reading: Essentialism (by G McKeown), Freedom of Information Act paperwork

What I’m listening to: Harry Potter #1 (yes, again)

What I’m watching: Timeless, The Two Towers

What I’m smelling: mud, wet puppy, and African violets

What I’m pondering: relationships, truth, honesty, respect

In my house: a new infinity scarf in a lovely dark grey wool still taking shape, good German chocolate, and chocolate covered almonds back in rotation.


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2 thoughts on “pen, paper, stamp

  1. Hannah January 25, 2017 at 10:31 am Reply

    This was fun!

    • Kim January 25, 2017 at 12:01 pm Reply

      It was. Good thing, since we have at least 51 more weeks of writing to do!

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