plans: doing something


You know that feeling you get when you’ve done everything you can and you must simply float along waiting for the next step? Yeah, that’s me this week. I’ve made my calls for the week and I’m resting up.

I’m sorry to say, but not shocked, that only one of my elected representatives voted in a manner that helps our family this week. Senator Joe Donnelly voted to keep the ACA in place. He has my gratitude, my respect, and my support. Senator Todd Young’s office was aggressive and borderline rude on the phone. Representative Luke Messer’s office was quite pleasant, but ultimately he chose to toe the party line.

So while I wait to find out how badly this will hurt us (along with an estimated 18 million people) the first year, I’m doing some more planning. Not garden and budget type planning, but more activism planning.

  •  I joined a local activism group so I can stay informed.
  • I’m attending a prayer vigil instead of partaking in any inauguration event.  This is being held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Jeffersonville.  Taize service and a meal with others — just what I need to keep me from grief and anger.
  • I’m marching in a Women’s March on Saturday the 21st.
  • I’m signing up for a charity 5K every month starting in April.
  • I’m reading books that are outside my comfort zone.
  • I’ve put making calls and writing letters into my calendar so that I don’t lose heart and give up.
  • I’m practicing radical self-care so that I have the strength to survive the next 4 years.
  • I signed up for text alerts with daily action steps:  228466

In Indiana you can call:

Senator Joe Donnelly (202)224-4814

Senator Todd Young (202)224-5623

IN District 6 — Rep Luke Messer (202)225-3021



What I’m reading:  Clouds of Witness (by D Sayers).  Essentialism (by G McKeown),

What I’m listening to:  Watership Down (by R Adams, audiobook)

What I’m watching:  Timeless, The Fellowship of the Rings

What I’m smelling:  Ayurveda Herb shampoo bar, peppermint soap

What I’m pondering: New mattresses, heavens there are tons of good options now.

In my house:  a new infinity scarf in a lovely dark grey wool taking shape, tuna salad and lightly salted chips, a startling lack of chocolate, and detox tea.



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