Capsule Wardrobe

It was time for a major closet clean up. The season has definitely changed from late Autumn to early Winter (despite the date on the calendar). I’m not someone who normally pays a lot of attention to clothes/wardrobes, but I decided a bit ago to make a better attempt at looking put together.

Step 1:  empty the entire closet onto my bed and chair. Jasper was not terribly happy about the occasion, but once the gloves came out of a tote, he decided it wasn’t so bad after all.


Step 2: Try everything on: check fit, check colors, check condition. I’ve streamlined my wardrobe to a simple palette of colors that look good on me.  They happen to be earth tones.  I took a screen shot of the colors and keep it on my phone.  The idea is that I can check any purchase against the colors and know if it will match what I already have at home.


Step 3: Put everything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t match into the Goodwill bin. Put all the warm weather clothes into the totes. Find places for all the winter clothing in my closet. I ended up with a capsule wardrobe of 5 jeans, 1 dress pants, 2 skirts, 3 cardigans, 3 sweaters (tunics), black boots, brown boots, brown shoes, and trainers, down puffer coat (with hat, scarf, and gloves), down vest, super heavy winter storm coat, and snow boots. My base wardrobe of t-shirts, turtlenecks, Henley sweatshirts (2), flannel shirts (1), yoga clothes, PJs, and unders/socks all fit very nicely and I love knowing it all matches.


In the end I decided cleaning my closet was cheaper than therapy and got me pretty much the same results. It also made packing for my trip to Florida a breeze and when I returned home there was an empty tote just waiting for my travel bag and travel accessories.

I ended up with a good size box of sweaters and sweatshirts to send to Standing Rock plus a few extra shirts and sweaters for the nursing home.


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