A Sunday School Reminder


I am not an artistic person, but I wanted a simple little reminder to place by my door to let all who enter know that we value and love all people. I went back to my Sunday School days and pulled out these words.  I noticed while singing through it that it really doesn’t quite match the spectrum of lovely color in this world, so I added a brown.

I know it may not be policially correct to speak of the yellow man — but, our good friend Kevin (Wang Chun-gi), from China, referred to his people as yellow.  It has more to do with the color of the river and less to do with a yellow crayon, but this was as close as I could get.

The same could be said for all the colors, but I’m not trying to change the whole world with this picture.  I’m trying to recall to mind the lesson learned early, and at the knees of my Aunt Gayle, that God sees the true man, not the color of the man’s skin.

My hope and prayer is that all people will learn to see beyond the skin pigment and learn to love and learn from their fellow human.



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