I am . . .


Life has slowly returned to a somewhat normal pattern.  I am surprised, and yet not surprised, that it took so  long for me to sort through my feelings and develop a plan for coping, surviving and thriving the coming times.

I am making sure to take enough time to just be — reading easy stuff, movies, and quiet rest.

I am taking care of myself — gentle walks, gentle yoga, meditation, and warm nourishing foods.

I am taking time each day for some little act of rebellion– picking up garbage along the road, having conversations sparked by a safety pin, weekly calls to my representatives in government, followed up with letters and emails, breathing deeply and not engaging in quarrels, and praying specifically for a a couple of causes.

I am taking time each day for some little act of kindness — smiling at strangers (as an INFJ this takes a lot of practice and thought), talking to strangers, picking up extra food for the food bank, and baking brownies (just because).

I am also celebrating 50 years upon this earth.  50 years behind me and hopefully 50 years before me.  Lots of time left to do some good.  Lots of time left to raise some Cain.  Lots of time left to guard the rights and liberties of those around me and those God brings into my sphere of knowledge.  Lots of time left to encourage others to stand for what we stand on — this beautiful planet.


One thought on “I am . . .

  1. Hannah November 21, 2016 at 1:14 pm Reply

    Proud of you!

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