Safety Pin


It is easy to define who you are by what you believe.  But don’t stop there . . .

I’m an endorser of sustainable agriculture. I’m Episcopal (not Baptist). I’m an environmentalist. I’m a woman. I’m an advocate for those with a particular disability. I’m an introvert.

I believe that all God’s children are equal:  no matter their skin tone, no matter their country of origin, no matter their religion, no matter their gender identity, no matter their immigration status, no matter their physical condition, no matter if they are neuro-typical, NO. MATTER. WHAT.

This is not a new way of being.  This isn’t a fad.  This isn’t a reaction. This is foundational to who I am and how I think.

So I wear my safety pin as a statement that I stand with all those who are feeling vulnerable right now.  Heck, as a woman I feel vulnerable right now.  As someone who has been sexually assaulted in the past I feel vulnerable.  As a mother with a son that is not neuro-typical I feel vulnerable right now.  As a member of a church which embraces all God’s children I feel a little vulnerable (some of our church buildings have been vandalized with hate symbols and hate speech). As the mother of daughter who is using her voice and her words to make a difference I feel vulnerable.

But these vulnerabilities don’t hold me back, they give me strength to get out into the world and share my truth.  They give me compassion for those who feel alone.  They give me courage to hope that someday this beautiful world will be united in true peace and love.

Until then, I will continue to hope and I will continue the work that needs to be done.


If you’re local please share places where good work is being done.  Here’s a list to get you started:

Haven House

Exit 0

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Clark County Cares

Food Banks (there are several)

donating books to your local library

Southern Indiana Animal Rescue

Autism Resource Center in Louisville

Habitat for Humanity

Jeffersonville Pride Parade

New Hope Services

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Volunteer at a nursing home




One thought on “Safety Pin

  1. kghotz November 14, 2016 at 10:24 pm Reply

    I stand with you.

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