A whole lot of this . . . .


I’ve been using my Thursday blog post as sort of a “what works for me” place. I have a long time home yoga practice, meditation practice, and prayer practice that I depend upon to keep my keel balanced.  It’s been taking a whole lot of all three to keep me from pitching over the side and giving into the waves of despair and anger and fear.

Any long time reader knows I am passionate about creation care — environmental care.  It is a major motivating factor in most of my decisions.  And I am profoundly disturbed at the direction this past election has taken us.  We’ve gone from the Paris Accords to a man who does not believe in climate change being in charge.  We’ve gone from protecting our water (both in the Atlantic and Hawaii) to a man who wants to move the Keystone pipeline forward.

I am publically renewing my commitment to living with less, to living carefully, to living simply —

I am publically apologizing to my children and the children of the world for an older generation who seem not to care that we are leaving a desperately ill planet full of problems for them to sort out.

I am publically renewing my commitment to standing with Standing Rock in any way I can —

I am publically renewing my commitment to be a Jesus people surrounded by other Jesus People worshipping and working with the Episcopal Church as part of the Anglican Communion.

I am publically committing to providing love, protection, and as needed a safe haven for people of all colors, religions, gender identities, immigrant status, disabilities . . .  If my country will no longer taken in the huddled masses then I will.

I am publically declaring that as an almost 50 year old white woman I will fight the hate with love.  Because as has been said, Love trumps hate and we are stronger together.

**Apologies for the roughness.  I decided to write and post without editing my thoughts or my words.  The inner editor is strong in this one — as my daughter will attest, so this is step of faith as well**


One thought on “A whole lot of this . . . .

  1. kghotz November 10, 2016 at 12:24 pm Reply

    Thank you. I’m not yet in a place where I can say anything publicly. I’ll get there, but it’s going to take a minute before I trust myself not to speak in ways I will regret.

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