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A Sunday School Reminder


I am not an artistic person, but I wanted a simple little reminder to place by my door to let all who enter know that we value and love all people. I went back to my Sunday School days and pulled out these words.  I noticed while singing through it that it really doesn’t quite match the spectrum of lovely color in this world, so I added a brown.

I know it may not be policially correct to speak of the yellow man — but, our good friend Kevin (Wang Chun-gi), from China, referred to his people as yellow.  It has more to do with the color of the river and less to do with a yellow crayon, but this was as close as I could get.

The same could be said for all the colors, but I’m not trying to change the whole world with this picture.  I’m trying to recall to mind the lesson learned early, and at the knees of my Aunt Gayle, that God sees the true man, not the color of the man’s skin.

My hope and prayer is that all people will learn to see beyond the skin pigment and learn to love and learn from their fellow human.


I am . . .


Life has slowly returned to a somewhat normal pattern.  I am surprised, and yet not surprised, that it took so  long for me to sort through my feelings and develop a plan for coping, surviving and thriving the coming times.

I am making sure to take enough time to just be — reading easy stuff, movies, and quiet rest.

I am taking care of myself — gentle walks, gentle yoga, meditation, and warm nourishing foods.

I am taking time each day for some little act of rebellion– picking up garbage along the road, having conversations sparked by a safety pin, weekly calls to my representatives in government, followed up with letters and emails, breathing deeply and not engaging in quarrels, and praying specifically for a a couple of causes.

I am taking time each day for some little act of kindness — smiling at strangers (as an INFJ this takes a lot of practice and thought), talking to strangers, picking up extra food for the food bank, and baking brownies (just because).

I am also celebrating 50 years upon this earth.  50 years behind me and hopefully 50 years before me.  Lots of time left to do some good.  Lots of time left to raise some Cain.  Lots of time left to guard the rights and liberties of those around me and those God brings into my sphere of knowledge.  Lots of time left to encourage others to stand for what we stand on — this beautiful planet.

Safety Pin


It is easy to define who you are by what you believe.  But don’t stop there . . .

I’m an endorser of sustainable agriculture. I’m Episcopal (not Baptist). I’m an environmentalist. I’m a woman. I’m an advocate for those with a particular disability. I’m an introvert.

I believe that all God’s children are equal:  no matter their skin tone, no matter their country of origin, no matter their religion, no matter their gender identity, no matter their immigration status, no matter their physical condition, no matter if they are neuro-typical, NO. MATTER. WHAT.

This is not a new way of being.  This isn’t a fad.  This isn’t a reaction. This is foundational to who I am and how I think.

So I wear my safety pin as a statement that I stand with all those who are feeling vulnerable right now.  Heck, as a woman I feel vulnerable right now.  As someone who has been sexually assaulted in the past I feel vulnerable.  As a mother with a son that is not neuro-typical I feel vulnerable right now.  As a member of a church which embraces all God’s children I feel a little vulnerable (some of our church buildings have been vandalized with hate symbols and hate speech). As the mother of daughter who is using her voice and her words to make a difference I feel vulnerable.

But these vulnerabilities don’t hold me back, they give me strength to get out into the world and share my truth.  They give me compassion for those who feel alone.  They give me courage to hope that someday this beautiful world will be united in true peace and love.

Until then, I will continue to hope and I will continue the work that needs to be done.


If you’re local please share places where good work is being done.  Here’s a list to get you started:

Haven House

Exit 0

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Clark County Cares

Food Banks (there are several)

donating books to your local library

Southern Indiana Animal Rescue

Autism Resource Center in Louisville

Habitat for Humanity

Jeffersonville Pride Parade

New Hope Services

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Volunteer at a nursing home



A whole lot of this . . . .


I’ve been using my Thursday blog post as sort of a “what works for me” place. I have a long time home yoga practice, meditation practice, and prayer practice that I depend upon to keep my keel balanced.  It’s been taking a whole lot of all three to keep me from pitching over the side and giving into the waves of despair and anger and fear.

Any long time reader knows I am passionate about creation care — environmental care.  It is a major motivating factor in most of my decisions.  And I am profoundly disturbed at the direction this past election has taken us.  We’ve gone from the Paris Accords to a man who does not believe in climate change being in charge.  We’ve gone from protecting our water (both in the Atlantic and Hawaii) to a man who wants to move the Keystone pipeline forward.

I am publically renewing my commitment to living with less, to living carefully, to living simply —

I am publically apologizing to my children and the children of the world for an older generation who seem not to care that we are leaving a desperately ill planet full of problems for them to sort out.

I am publically renewing my commitment to standing with Standing Rock in any way I can —

I am publically renewing my commitment to be a Jesus people surrounded by other Jesus People worshipping and working with the Episcopal Church as part of the Anglican Communion.

I am publically committing to providing love, protection, and as needed a safe haven for people of all colors, religions, gender identities, immigrant status, disabilities . . .  If my country will no longer taken in the huddled masses then I will.

I am publically declaring that as an almost 50 year old white woman I will fight the hate with love.  Because as has been said, Love trumps hate and we are stronger together.

**Apologies for the roughness.  I decided to write and post without editing my thoughts or my words.  The inner editor is strong in this one — as my daughter will attest, so this is step of faith as well**

What I Stand For


**Because nobody says it better than Wendell Berry**

Election 2016

Standing Rock Sioux Nation

Elder Care

Health Care

Black Lives Matter

Gender Equality

Environmental Breakdown

Public Education (including college/university)

Tomorrow I will go to the polls and I will choose who I think best represents my ideals and my passions.  The flollowing day I begin sending letters and emails to all those who will be my voice for the next two to four years.

I almost feel sorry for them.  Almost.

My sister sent me a meme from Sophie Haewood.  I’m going to include it below.  You should know (and anyone who knows me knows) I don’t like or use the F-Word, so please excuse it’s use below.  It is a pretty concise statement of how I’ve been feeling.

The older I get,

the more I see

how women

are described

as having gone mad,

when what they’ve

actually become

is knowledgeable

and powerful

and f***ing furious

Knowledgeable.  Powerful.  Furious.

Yep — and:  Voting.  Voicing.  Writing.  Marching.  Sitting.  Standing.


BCP and Beads

BCP and Beads

My day is bookended by Laud and Compline. Laud starts with the glorious words, “Let my soul rise up to meet you . . .” and Compline ends with ” . . . And asleep I may rest in peace.”