Seasonal Shift

We are knee deep into October and our chores around here have shifted from the warm weather plant-grow-cut-grow-cut-sweat rhythm to a more relaxed pace.

My warm weather days all start the same:  get up and take a walk.  Because if you aren’t out there with the rising sun you are going to bake, sweat, and deal with humidity best left to southern states (in my opinion).    Everything else can wait or if it can’t then the walk just doesn’t happen.  I might just jump on the rebounder, or I might use a video, but normally for me it is walk or don’t walk.

The rest of the early day is spent trying to keep up with all the living, growing, needy things:  grass needs cutting, weeds need pulling, plants need tending, rabbits need feeding/watering/cooling down. The afternoon becomes a time of hiding from the heat and humidity and attempting to get the housekeeping chores done.

I welcome the cooler weather with open arms, sweatshirts, and leggings.  I love autumn temperatures and the slowing down of the summer pace.  Michael just cut the grass for what is probably the last time, the garden has been left to itself for a couple of weeks now, and all the berry bushes have been trimmed.  The rabbits are moving into their more weather proof homes and enjoying the sunshine that filters down to them through the rapidly falling leaves.

I still rise before the sun, but now it is for yoga and meditation.  I’ve been following the morning routine that Ayurveda recommends for Vata people.  Which means I also get to enjoy a nice warm bowl of steel cut oats before heading out for a walk.  That gives the day a moment to warm up and the oatmeal helps me keep warm out there too.   I like that now my daily walking gets divided up to shorter walks after each meal.  This shift feels much more healthy to me and for me.







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