Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar

*Note: I was not paid to review this product nor did I receive the product for free. I bought it as a normal customer in need of a product.*

My journey to this particular shampoo bar is long and winding.  For years I used regular shampoo and never worried a bit about it.  Then a friend of mine in TN began making shampoo bars and I loved them! Seriously loved them.  Life happened and she quit making them.  Then I found a local place that made them with milk and lard as two of the ingredients.  I used it for a while, but always had trouble reconciling my usage with the treatment of pigs I saw at Fair Oaks Farms (which was horrible).  So I finally quit using that particular bar.  Then came Burt’s Bees Gud Shampoo.  This was a nice alternative,  but it still has a few ingredients I’m not super happy about.

Finally I stumbled across this brand:  Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve.  Setting up an account and ordering was a breeze.  Shipping was prompt and delivery was USPS. Communication with the company through emails was streamlined,

The Dead Sea Spa facial soap is simply heavenly.  Smooth as silk and rinses so clean.  I’ve been using it in the evening before bed followed by my face serum (homemade using Argan Oil and essential oils).  I ordered a sample and it was quite big.  I’ve been using it a little more than a month and haven’t even put a dent in the bar.

The Ayurveda Shampoo Bar is out of this world fantastic.  I heeded the advice card that came with it and used an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse everyday for the first week.  It made the transition seamless.  I’ve been playing around with the frequency of the ACV rinse and have settled on every third day now.  I may go back to every other day as the air gets drier in winter. It is so nice not to have static!  My hair feels incredibly soft; it is super shiny; and best of all it feels thicker.  This shampoo produces a rich lather that I use to wash my face in the shower –but, it also makes for a great shaving soap.

I hate to admit it, but I haven’t used the Cafe Moreno shampoo bar yet.  I’m so in love with the Ayurveda one I cannot imagine shampooing without it.

I highly recommend this company and these particular products. I also bought my daughter the sea salt and seaweed facial soap.  I will try to get a picture of it and her thoughts in another post.


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