Season of Creation, D19




I maintain that there is nothing more heavenly than pulling on a t-shirt that smells like fresh air. In my life this scent doesn’t come from a bottle or a sheet. It comes from clothes that hang in the fresh air to dry.

Each morning, from March through November, I do a load of laundry. I use 2 Tablespoons of Sal’s Suds, 2 Tablespoons of vinegar, and a dash of washing soda in the machine. Hanging laundry is an almost meditative part of my day. There really isn’t much to think about the mechanics of hanging laundry, it’s all muscle memory by now. Instead I reflect on the morning Psalm, think about what chores might need to be put on tomorrow’s list (because today’s list is already being accomplished), or sometimes I just watch as Jasper does his survey of the yard.

Each afternoon I bring in the same laundry, check over each piece as I fold it and sort it into piles for each person to claim. The clothes are usually quite warm from the sun and if folded/rolled neatly right away I don’t have to deal with wrinkles. I do not like to iron.

December through February is a rougher laundry time. I tend to wash the load in the evening, and then hang it on drying racks over heater vents and around the wood stove. I also put a few drops of sweet orange oil in with the Sal’s Suds. It takes much longer to do laundry (not as much heat + heavier materials) and I don’t find it nearly as relaxing.


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