Season of Creation, D6

Sept 3, 2016:  Water Bottles.

I have two insulated 16 oz Klean Kanteen water bottles.  The green one is a tumbler with a lid that you can sip from or put a straw through.  I mainly use this one at home.  It’s almost always sitting on the table so that I can grab a sip every time I walk through. It also goes on bike rides with me because it fits perfectly in my bike’s cup holder.

The silver one is actually my favorite.  It keeps things amazingly cold or hot, doesn’t leak, and I have a carabiner on it so I can attach it just about anything.  This is the bottle that leaves the house with me.

Taste:  I love the way water tastes out of a glass, but I’ve broken so many glasses around the house.  I’m happier with my non-breakable tumbler.  As long as the Klean Kanteens are kept clean, and occasionally rinsed with vinegar, I don’t notice any off-taste.

Insulated:  I prefer the insulated water bottles for a couple of reasons.  The first is that water that sits in a hot car or a hot house will end up warm.  I don’t like warm water.  I like it slightly cool and occasionally icy cold.  The second is pretty similar, sometimes I want to tea or even coffee with me in the morning.  It’s nice knowing it will still be hot when I get where I’m going.

Take-Out:  I fill it up at home and usually sip the whole time I’m gone.  If it is a really hot day, I can just fill it up at a water fountain.  Our local coffee shop (Heine Bros) is really terrific about making tea and coffee right into the bottle.  Subway and Quiznos both let me get iced tea straight into the bottle too.

No Plastic:  By always carrying my own water I never have to worry about plastic bottles.  I don’t have to buy them, recycle them, and wonder what they are doing to my health.  If I bought a bottle of water each time I went out on errands I would probably use 100 per year.  Over the 10 years I’ve toted my own water that is 1000 water bottles kept out of circulation.

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen


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