The Amazing Cooling Buff

Someone asked about my cooling buff. Here are all the details and why I love it so much!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about this little thing at first. I found it in the sports department of Meijer, although I’ve since seen them in other places. It is just a tube of material. I almost passed it by, but with my auto-immune disorder comes a very low tolerance for heat. I figured even if it just kept sweat from dripping down my neck I’d be happy. However, it does so much more than that and it takes up zero space in my purse or backpack.

Here is how I use it. First get it wet with cool water, squeeze the excess out, and then give it a good snapping shake. Then wear it!

I mostly wear it around my neck. Sometimes if I’m really hot, I wear it around my head (and under a hat). Both ways make me feel instantly cooler. Around the house I just hang it up to dry and wash it about once a week. When we were in New Orleans, I carried it wet in a ziplock bag in my purse and would occasionally splash some fresh cold water from my insulated Klean Kanteen onto it. I wore it only when I was out and about, and removed it on the streetcar. That way the instant coolness carried me through the 20 minutes or so of walking around before getting back on the streetcar with its heavenly AC.

I had several ladies ask me about it while walking through the French Market. One told her husband they were going to “Uber straight to the store” in search of one. She joked that she was going to buy one for her head, her neck, each arm, and each leg. Can you imagine the sight? It gives me the giggles.

Cooling Buff

Cooling Buff

Thinking/Writing: project,
Reading: The Hero with a Thousand Faces,
Listening: Headspace meditation, Linguistics class
Watching: Star Wars Rebels with the family

In my Garden: just more of the same. Weeding has taken on a new urgency after more rain.
In my Yard: rabbits playing in their hutches, the dog getting acquainted with the new rabbit


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