Monthly Archives: April 2016

Earth Day

“Lose the earthquakes–Keep the faults, fill the oceans without the salt. Let every man own his own hand.” World by Five for Fighting

“Can you dig it, baby?” Oh yes, yes indeed, I can. Creation care is a very important aspect of my faith and life. I strive to be a good steward of this beautiful home we all live upon. I’m not perfect, there is certainly much room for improvement, but I can honestly say I am aware, careful, and deliberate.

Here are some of my easy-peasy habits:

reusable water bottle
cloth napkins
reusable grocery bags
turn off the faucet
turn off the light
walk (or bike) more, drive less
shop thrift stores
grow some food
famers’ markets
hang your clothes and lose the dryer
Tomorrow’s calling . . .

Trip to town


Today I went to town just for one thing. Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

No person was injured in my quest– I did promise Michael I would come home with it even if I had to try several stores and use my elbows. As he left the truck, I said “Be safe out there today.” For the first time he said, “You too.” I guess he thought I might have to fight for the movie.

I did decide while in town to pick up a few strawberry plants and some garden soil. The strawberries I transplanted a month ago didn’t make it through some cold nights. That’s my fault, I should have covered them. They are a bit fragile until their roots get sunk into the new earth.

The garden soil is so I can transplant some seedlings from little pots to slightly larger pots.  I’m getting a jump start on the garden this year.  At least, I hope I’m getting a jump start.  I’m not a great transplanter — as evidenced by the dead strawberries.

Jasper –year 1