a living alleluia

Augustine: A Christian should be an alleluia head to foot.
From A Year with God, Day 88

Alleluia = Hallelujah; praise the Lord

What does it mean to be a living alleluia?

We’re just a few days from Palm Sunday. A few short days from remembering Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem riding a donkey. He’s coming not to conquer, but to gather us up like chicks to a hen. This is a compassionate entry. It’s clear that those present are moved to worship him as he deserves to be worshipped. He says even if they didn’t, nature herself would proclaim his praise.

I want to be part of the crowd praising him; I want to be part of nature praising him; and I want to be one of those who worshipped even at the cross. A huge crowd of praised when things seemed be going right . . . In other words, when it looks like he is going to fulfuill their expectations. Yet, they all seem to fade into the woodwork when the hard part comes.

Am I guilty of this? Do I fade into the mist when it’s a difficult day to proclaim him? This seems like a good time to ponder the question.

In the Episcopal Curch we “bury the Allelulia” for Lent. We cover it in our sanctuaries and we refrain from saying it during our services. This lends itself to reflection upon the suffering of Christ and a sense of waiting for Easter. Since we are usually dismissed with a double Allelulia, I’ve noticed that I leave the service feeling a bit incomplete.

Easter Sunday sees the jubilant return of Allelulia and the joy I feel when hearing and speaking the word is profound.

This year I want to remember that joy and I want to worship fully: fully when present for corporate worship and fully as I go through each day.

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