Monthly Archives: March 2014

grace in the yoga room


I have no idea where I ran across this picture, but I love it! I love it so much I wish I could print it out as a poster and hang it in my yoga room.

My yoga practice has become an absolute necessity in my life.  I’ve been doing yoga for several years now, I think 7, but the beginnings have gotten lost in the pages of my mind.  I had to take a couple months off prior to my surgery and then during recovery.

I’ve been back on the mat for 2 weeks and finding a new level of appreciation.  However I have also noticed a tendency to judge:  Why can’t I do this pose right?  Why can’t I hold this steadier? Comparing myself to the “ideal.” Comparing myself to my younger self. Comparing myself to my healthier self.

I haven’t been showing myself much grace.

So I drug out my old Gaiam yoga club audios — Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman — and boom! Grace has shown up in the yoga room again. They remind me during each practice to only do what I can do that day. Don’t push. Just breathe. Find balance. Find the quiet spot. Smile.

Meditation has come easier. Just sit. Just breathe. Just be.

God’s grace abounds —