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Personality Tests


Our family is quite a collection of personality types.  We spent a super cold, Polar vortex cold for the meteorologically inclined, weekend taking personality tests.  We are geeks like that!

Hannah went first and came back with an INFP which she delighted in since it is very rare.  Only 4% of the population have this type.  They seem to be the creative geniuses.    She came into the bedroom saying, “How did you do it?  First Michael with Asperger’s then me with a very rare personality type..  You defy the odds Mom.”

Like any sane, rational, mature adult woman . . . I laughed.  I laughed and I wondered how did I end up with 2 rarities.  Then I took the test.

Guess who has THE rarest personality type!  That’s right. Me.  So This whole “Defying the odds” just got bigger.

Funny thing is, I wouldn’t have expected this result.  I know which Disney character I am, I know which Lord of the Rings race I am,  Star Wars character, Star Trek character, Winnie the Pooh character, and on and on . . .

The thing is, and it is kind of scary . . . the description is me.  It is me deep down.  The me I don’t let out all that often.  The me I keep safely tucked away.

Although apparently not that tucked away since others read the description and go, “Yep!  That’s you.”   Brett, a young friend of mine, was amazed at how accurate the description is.  Brett sees me 5 days a week and we talk — a lot.  So she knows.  She sees.  So now everyone at work is all into the personality tests.

It is neat because we all see the strengths and weaknesses of each type, and we love each all the more for these differences.

Charlestown, trail 5

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Trail 5. MODERATE (1.2 miles)—Conveniently located in the campground near site 17, this trail is easily accessed. Descending a wooded ravine, the trail ultimately comes to a platform overlooking Fourteenmile Creek. Winding back up the hillside, the trail ends where it started, so it’s a short walk back to your campsite. Non-campers can enjoy this trail by parking in the overflow lot and hiking the .3-mile leg to the main loop.

Charlestown, trail 2


Today we hiked two trails at Charlestown State Park:  trails 2 and 5.  Both are shorter trails and both have beautiful views of creeks and waterfalls.

Trail 2. MODERATE (1.4 miles)—Begins in the picnic area and follows several stream ravines as it circles back to return to the picnic area. The middle section of this trail runs along hillsides heavily forested with mixed deciduous hardwoods, bridges several small ravines, and offers scenic views of several small cascading falls and rock-bottom streams.

starting off right

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Hiking:  2.5 miles, trail classified as rugged.  Beautiful!


1. RUGGED (2.4 miles)—Begins at the Trail 1 parking lot and follows an existing gravel road a short distance before turning to the left and slowly descending into the Fourteenmile Creek valley. It then meanders through dense floodplain forest before climbing up the valley wall to wind along rock outcrops and abutments. A lower portion of the trail offers scenic views of Fourteenmile Creek before climbing again as it returns to the parking lot. Spring wildflowers along portions of this trail will treat the hiker to stunning displays. Wildlife, songbirds, and birds of prey may be seen along this trail.