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eating nook — repairs nearly complete

I couldn’t wait to show you the eating nook.  It isn’t quite finished, but you can get a good idea of where we’re heading with it.

We still need to trim around the windows, put in the baseboards (which will be just like the living room) and at some point Kelly is going to build a breakfast bar under the windows.  That is why it is “roughed in” and not drywalled yet.  Right now we have our deck furniture in there.  I actually like it, but the table isn’t quite high enough.  Tali can easily pull apples out of a bowl on that table.  So I had to move the apples and just bought some flowers from the grocery store.  I smile every time I walk through there.

** edited to add:  Oh goodness, I didn’t even realize we forgot to hang the light fixture.  Add that to the list of what needs to be done in there!

repair work, day 9 part 2

Lyon’s Roofing Company

repair work, day 9

Lyon’s Roofing Company

10:15 -12:10  :: screens delivered and installed, back storm door

1:15 – 9:15 :: finish back storm door, front storm door, exterior trim around doors and windows, and front siding

9:15 –  :: final clean up

It is almost dark and they are still doing their final clean up.   I’m exhausted and heading to bed.  I’ll take pictures tomorrow and post them.


repair work, day 8

Lyon’s Roofing Company

9:30 – 12:00 :: front siding, front soffit, and something metal that goes around the whole bottom, but I don’t know what it is called.

1:30 -2:45 :: more siding

3:15 -7:00  :: more siding and clean up.



repair work, day 7

Lyon’s Roofing Company

8:00 – 11: 45:  back siding going up, facia going up, and window trim started

12:45 – 5:30 : back siding finished, back trim work still being done, front siding torn off, front prepped for new siding, and clean up.

repair work, day 6

Lyon’s Roofing Company

8:30 – 11:30  :  finished work on back, started putting the siding up, and then had to stop because of rain . . .

repair work, day 5

Lyon’s Roofing Company

12:30 -7:00  : some clean up from yesterday, trim around new windows, tore of siding, facia, and soffit, fixed hole in Michael’s wall, fixed hole from the trailer that was embedded in the house, put up most of the soffit, and house wrap.

repair work, day 4

Lyon’s Roofing Company

12:30 – 2:30 :: back door taken out, reframed, and new door put in

2:30 – 6:00 :  old sliding glass door frame removed, damage to subfloor assessed, subfloor removed, new subfloor put in, and framed up opening for 2 windows.

7:00 – 8:00: put in windows and insulated around them.  Put up some insulating board under windows to hold until tomorrow.

kitchen repair done