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repair work, day 3

Lyon’s Roofing Company

9:00-11:30 :: Front door

12:30 -4:00 :: Front door, Michael’s window, kitchen window (over sink) & clean up because storm is moving in on our area.

repair work, day 2

Lyon’s Roofing Company

7:30-10:30::  Tore off east side siding, facia and soffit; patched holes, house wrap.

12:00 –  ::  soffit, facia, and siding put on.  Doors purchased and being sized to fit.

Olde Towne Chimney

12:00 – 2:30  :: Took out all old stove pipe system, reframe from new, install new, and finish work.  When they were done, I realized that the piping looks awesome, but the stove definitely needs a coat of black stove paint

disaster in the laundry room

If pictures say a thousand words, then here you go . . . my longest post ever.

Obviously we have our work cut out for us here.  Kelly will send the pictures to the insurance company, but I don’t know if they’ll do anything about it.  Apparently a lot of water came in under the door (and around the door– it was really warped by the storm)  and we didn’t know until we were prepping for the new backdoor.  I actually stepped through the flooring.  Not easy since it was ceramic tile.

Kelly has already torn out the floor, and is preparing to “sister” the joists –at least I think that is what it is called) and then he’ll frame up the rest of the floor.  Subfloor is being delivered tomorrow and then the vinyl can go down after that.

Pictures of the repairs will be posted when they are done.


living room repaired (almost!)

Here’s the living room.  The door trim will be finished today along with the trim around the entry way.  The door still needs to be replaced (and I think they’ll get that done this week), then we can trim around the new door too.

We love the entry floor.  I wish we could get that in the kitchen too, but I got a real bargain on a remnant.  Just not enough remnant to do the whole kitchen!  Too bad.  There is enough left over to do right by the back door too.  We’ll match!

The wood stove and pipes get repaired on Tuesday — separate post for that!

dining room repaired

Repair work 1

Lyon’s Roofing Company

Day 1:  9:30 am to 12:00 pm

9:30-12:00: pulled off tarps, pulled off siding, put on soffit.

12:00 –  2:30: They’re gone.  Lunch probably, maybe a few supplies?  Not sure, they didn’t say.

2:30 – 6:30:  repaired holes,put on wrap, and siding (Ash Grey)

West side done: holes fixed, house wrap, facia, and siding

master bedroom repaired