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pipe damage

clean up for tornado

last of the damage shots

still more

more tornado

video of tornado


4 minute mark is when it was in front of our house.


OK.  So I’m blogging again!  I need the space to reflect again. . .


I learned a lot from this tornado.  There are lessons that I will never forget.

I always keep a “go-bag” packed for each person in our family.  I’ve decided to quit being shy about it.  They were invaluable during this storm.  And, if our home had been destroyed like 98% of my neighbors, they would have contained all that we would have had completely undamaged.

We had about 10 minutes notice that we needed to be somewhere safer.  We grabbed our bags and walked out the door in about 2 minutes.  The tornado ripped through 10 minutes later.

Here’s my go-bag list — All kept in a Very Good backpack!

  • Toiletries Kit:  low suds soap bar, wet one towelettes, contact case/solution/glasses, toothbrush & paste, medications, lip balm, lotion, sunscreen, small towel
  • First Aid Mini Kit — I keep a fully stocked one from a hiking company
  • Food:  protein bars, trail mix, water purifier
  • Clothes: shirt (appropriate for the season), flannel PJ pants (for relaxing and wearing while your primary pants are getting clean and dry), underwear, 2 extra pair of socks.
  • Survival Kit: big knife, fire starter, whistle, headlamp (LED is best), survival bracelet (made of paracord)
  • Sleeping bag or quilt
  • cash
  • Grab and add as walking out the door:  List of phone numbers/account numbers (kept in my journal), kindle, journal, cell charger, purse, and jacket

Things I used to carry that I took out:

  • microfiber blanket — It won’t stop glass, isn’t particularly warm, and is hard to clean with limited water supplies.
  • Snack bars — You’ll need more protein than you realize and you’ll twice as much as you think (even for 1-2 days)
  • books – The Kindle is much lighter and has books + Bible
  • music — We found our senses were overloaded by the end of the day and all we wanted was quiet.

I’m planning a post of our 15 minute boxes and a list of lessons I learned

The Tornado

March 5, 2012

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March 2, 2012

3:30 “ish” — EF-4 Tornado in Nabb, IN