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entertaining ourselves

For many years our Friday evenings have been occupied with either watching Smallville on DVD or on TV.

The season finale was May 18, so we were Smallville-less.  So how did we occupy ourselves on a Friday night.

Muscovy Duck — FL

Park on Lake Harris

May 14, 2010

40 years of waiting, 2 hours of driving, 2 hours of waiting, 30 seconds of praying, and then 1 minute of the most emotional experience in my whole life:  STS-132.  Atlantis

For HM for finishing EMT-B school

Mother’s Day

I got a Kindle!  And ’cause I like old classics, I was able to load 12 free books!  Whoohoo!!

Gillberg’s Criteria


1.Severe impairment in reciprocal social interaction
(at least two of the following)
(a) inability to interact with peers
(b) lack of desire to interact with peers
(c) lack of appreciation of social cues
(d) socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior

2.All-absorbing narrow interest
(at least one of the following)
(a) exclusion of other activities
(b) repetitive adherence
(c) more rote than meaning

3.Imposition of routines and interests
(at least one of the following)
(a) on self, in aspects of life
(b) on others

4.Speech and language problems
(at least three of the following)
(a) delayed development
(b) superficially perfect expressive language
(c) formal, pedantic language
(d) odd prosody, peculiar voice characteristics
(e) impairment of comprehension including misinterpretations of literal/implied meanings

5.Non-verbal communication problems
(at least one of the following)
(a) limited use of gestures
(b) clumsy/gauche body language
(c) limited facial expression
(d) inappropriate expression
(e) peculiar, stiff gaze

6.Motor clumsiness: poor performance on neurodevelopmental examination

(All six criteria must be met for confirmation of diagnosis.)