Charlestown State Park, trail 6

We’ve been having some beautiful weather.   So the trails were calling our names.  The Ranger station is manned now, so we were able to buy our season pass.

We wanted to hike trail 3, but it was closed for maintenance.   We were disappointed, but decided to give trail 6 a try.  Boy, am I glad.  It was my favorite one yet.

2.3 miles

Rated:  Rugged

This scenic trail starts across the road from the Riverside Overlook and runs along the top of the river bluff.  The bluff top offers glimpses of the Ohio River and Twelvemile Island, and overlooks the boat ramp.  A bridge crosses a natural waterfall and descends to the old Charlestown Landing site, where locals used to send and receive goods by boat pre-1940’s.  From there it is a stroll back along the bluff bottom.  Enjoy the towering bluffs.  During spring, there is an abundance of wildflowers.


2 thoughts on “Charlestown State Park, trail 6

  1. Mom April 4, 2010 at 5:02 pm Reply

    WOW Kimberly, these are some amazing shots, I use to love to ride my bike! Can’t wait for you to come down!!!

  2. KMH April 4, 2010 at 5:57 pm Reply

    There are a lot more shots over on our photobucket. Some of those show just how high we were.

    I should have details by next weekend on the trip down.

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