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best shot

Her story can be found here.

She’s 3-4 weeks old, 1 pound, and becoming more respectable looking.    We’ve managed to get most of the vegetation out of her hair.  She’s been wiped up with a grooming wipe.  Her face is no longer bleeding and her eye is no longer producing yucky stuff.  The paw we feared might be broken must have just been sore.  I know this because she’s using all four to climb, run and play today.

She got HM up 3 times last night to snuggle, eat, and potty.  Thankfully, she knows where the litter box is!  Today her schedule seems to be wake up, drink some KRM (kitten replacement milk), eat a bite of kitten food, potty, play for 15 minutes, drink some KRM, potty and then take a nap.

She’s also looking much more like a proper plump kitten.  Yesterday she looked so skinny it was scary.

Opal is reconciled to the fact that the kitten is staying.  Jake is still mighty curious and isn’t allowed to get too close.   He’s a little TOO curious right now.  He’s already slobbered all over her once.  It did not make her very happy.  He’ll learn — slowly I’m sure!

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