Monthly Archives: July 2009

she’s painting!!!

Hannah is painting!!  Whoohoo!!  One coat down–2 more to go.

reconstruction, part 2

Work is proceeding slowly in HM’s room.   She has walls!  The taping, mudding and sanding should be done by the weekend.

Next up: painting the walls, buying and painting the trim work, installing the floor, staining the floor, and building the semi-loft bed.   That should keep us busy through August!

For September: finding a dutch door to fit her door opening, building the writing nook, and finding an amoire.

For October:  Curtains, linens, rug, big comfy chair.

reconstructing hm’s room, part 1

After several weeks of deconstruction, we’ve moved on to reconstruction.  Poor HM lived with bare studs for a while, but this weekend the majority of the dry wall went up.  There are some tricky pieces left to cut.

So next weekend we’ll be taping and mudding and sanding.  Then painting.  Then laying floor.  Then staining the floor.  Then hanging molding and baseboards.  Then hanging a new door.  Then . . .finally moving her stuff back into her room.