Monthly Archives: January 2009

trail 1 in the winter

We took advantage of a lovely Winter day yesterday.  It got up near 50 degrees.   When MA was done working, we loaded up the dogs, and went to Charlestown State Park again.  We headed back to trail 1.   This time we did the whole trail–2.63 miles, classified rugged.

HM and MA kept trading Opal and the camera.  We still don’t have any pictures of HM!

CSP-Trail 1

We went back to Charlestown State Park on January 2.  CK met us there after a short work day.  The weather was delightful, more like November than January.  We saw a few cars and a group of 5, but other than that we had the trail to ourselves.  Hannah manned the camera again.  She wasn’t able to get many shots of the trail–the memory card was nearly full.  Next time we go, we’ll have a free memory card!

This was a short hike, just at a mile.  We wanted to get Jake familiar with the park, trails, and procedure.  On our hikes at home he is off lead.  In Indiana state parks, dogs must be on a six foot lead.

See my big carhart coat.  It is actually way big on me.  That way I can wear my regular coat underneath in very cold weather.  I have a pair of matching bib overalls too.  It sure helps keep me warm, but it takes me a few minutes to get all my gear on.   I am getting faster though.

Jake is 17 1/2 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds.   His coat is so soft and silky.  We’re beginning to see traces of his adult coat pattern coming in.  He looks like he will have more brown than Max.