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Charlestown State Park

Today we went to Charlestown State Park.  We didn’t do much hiking, but we did explore the layout of the park, the park office, and one of the shelter areas.  We plan on doing much more exploring and hiking here.

From the IN DNR (Department of Natural Resources):

Charlestown State Park is located in southern Indiana with easy access from I-65, 8 miles to the east on state road 62. With scenic vistas of the Fourteenmile Creek valley and elevation changes of over 200 feet, Charlestown has much to offer the visitor with this diversity. While hiking the rugged terrain you will see Devonian fossil outcrops and areas of karst sinkhole topography. Bird watchers will enjoy the 72 species of birds, including bluebirds, black vultures and an occasional Bald Eagle.

From BackPackCamp:

About Charlestown State Park

Charlestown State Parks 2,339 acres is located just southeast of Charlestown on Indiana 62 in Southern Indiana. The parks four trails take you through diverse terrain including forests, fields, cliffs, wetlands, and Creeks. Elevation changes of over 200 feet make for challenging hikes. Trail 1 and Trail 3 pass near 14 Mile Creek, a popular fishing spot. There is currently no backcountry camping.

In 2005 the park will be adding an additional 2,761 acres from the nearby decommissioned Indiana Ammunition Depot increasing the parks size to 5,100 acres. The expansion will make Charlestown State Park the 3rd largest State park in Indiana.

merry christmas

As we celebrate the greatest gift ever given, may each of you find happiness, peace, faith, and joy.

We’ll be having a family of 10 over for sandwhiches and gifts for the little children this evening.  Following that we have a Christmas Eve service at church.

Tomorrow will just be us.  Sausage and gravy for breakfast, turkey for lunch, and leftovers for dinner.   We each have 3 gifts (one from each of the others) to open.   Everyone has surprises this year.  That should be interesting!