Making Soap

Making soap is a fairly straightforward affair.  Attention to details and to safety will help produce a lovely product.  We have made many types of soap from many different recipes.   I use a basic soap recipe and add whatever my fancy leads to that day.  I’ve given my favorite recipes and add-ins.  If you intend to make soap you really need a book, a friend, or a web-site for the minute details.

Basic Recipes:

1.  Basic White for non-vegans
32 oz water or milk
12 oz lye

4 lb lard
17 oz olive oil
8 oz coconut

Add essential oils or fragrance at trace

2.  Classic for vegans
39 oz olive
24 oz coconut
18 oz palm

26-30 oz water or milk
12 oz lye

Add-ins added at trace.

Add-Ins:  This list could go on forever, but these are my very favorites.

  1. pulverized oatmeal and lavender (for soothing itchy skin)
  2. tea tree oil (for disinfecting /  first aid soap)
  3. peppermint oil  (invigorating)
  4.  rosemary oil and rosemary bits

Soap Making Links:

  1. Walton Feed
  2. Teach Soap
  3. And here


3 thoughts on “Making Soap

  1. Pea September 10, 2007 at 10:09 am Reply

    Are you ever worried about the lye? I haven’t attempted this, yet, I’m concerned about the lye.

  2. KMH September 10, 2007 at 12:01 pm Reply

    Hi E:
    I did/do worry about the lye, but my children are now 17 and 18. We “suit up” in long sleeves, goggles, gloves, and shoes (and other normal clothing!). I also try to do the lye outside so the fumes aren’t in the house. So far, by being diligent about safety (and the grace of God) we haven’t had any accidents.

    If I had a child the age of P~, I think I would do it when my hubby could be in full charge of her. Distraction can be dangerous.

    After the soap is mixed and poured into a mold there is very little chance of anyone getting hurt. It normally takes about an hour for me to mix it and get it into a mold.


  3. […] toying with the idea of makingmy own soap for awhile now. I checked out Hedge Happenings, and found this post about making soap. There is even directions for vegan soap. Maybe, just maybe I will start to make […]

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