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Making Soap

Making soap is a fairly straightforward affair.  Attention to details and to safety will help produce a lovely product.  We have made many types of soap from many different recipes.   I use a basic soap recipe and add whatever my fancy leads to that day.  I’ve given my favorite recipes and add-ins.  If you intend to make soap you really need a book, a friend, or a web-site for the minute details.

Basic Recipes:

1.  Basic White for non-vegans
32 oz water or milk
12 oz lye

4 lb lard
17 oz olive oil
8 oz coconut

Add essential oils or fragrance at trace

2.  Classic for vegans
39 oz olive
24 oz coconut
18 oz palm

26-30 oz water or milk
12 oz lye

Add-ins added at trace.

Add-Ins:  This list could go on forever, but these are my very favorites.

  1. pulverized oatmeal and lavender (for soothing itchy skin)
  2. tea tree oil (for disinfecting /  first aid soap)
  3. peppermint oil  (invigorating)
  4.  rosemary oil and rosemary bits

Soap Making Links:

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