The garden in March

The garden in March is very wet, very messy place to be.  The air is cold, the soil is cold, and it is wet.  Very wet.  That makes March the best time, I’ve found, for pulling up the weeds.  You can really get at those roots–they practically slide out of the ground.  But because it is so wet, you really need to use your hands.  The hoe will just make a ball of muck out of your lovely garden soil.

We never, well almost never, walk in our garden beds.  This keeps the soil light, airy, and springy.  So it is a bit hard to get the ones in the very middle.  But we try.

Here’s a bit from my March garden journal:

March 11– Bed 1/Perennial Bed:  weeded the area around the Lavender.  Planted 18 strawberry plants.
March 15– Bed 1:  weeded next section.  Did not plant.  Still a few big tufts for Kelly to remove first.
March 19– bought wood for rabbit hutch frame and seed starter pots
March 21 — Seed flat 1:  basil, parsley, oregano, arugula, kale, spinach, lettuce.  Seed flat 2:  zucchini, yellow squash, buttercup squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, marigold, tomato,  bell pepper, cilantro, arugula.  Purchased flower seeds.
March 24 — first sprouts are up in the seed flats
March 25 — moved sprouts to new seed flat.  Watered all.  Strawberries don’t appear to be living — check in 2 weeks and rebuy.


Happiness on a shelf

Spring can be such a fickle season.  Sunny and warm one day, rainy and cold the very next day.

Today happens to be a cold rainy day.  The house-keeping work was done early and so I looked around for something to do.  Something that did not include getting on FB or just mindlessly surfing.

My favorite book shelf to the rescue . . . .  Can I just say again how much I love Dorothy Sayers.  Her wisdom, her wit, her ability to pull me into the story.  Lord Peter & Bunter — I never get tired of them.




My little altar area has some new color. Our local grocery store had some beautiful tulips this week. So I gave up my chocolate and got some. They look so lovely in the window against the gray skies of this very drippy and windy Spring.

I also hung (on dental floss, ’cause that’s all I had) the butterflies that Nancy made and had passed around on Easter Sunday. They flutter so slightly as the breeze presses through the open window.

Both remind of worship, transformation, and to let beauty hold a place in our home. Both remind me of the goodness of creation.

Trip to town


Today I went to town just for one thing. Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

No person was injured in my quest– I did promise Michael I would come home with it even if I had to try several stores and use my elbows. As he left the truck, I said “Be safe out there today.” For the first time he said, “You too.” I guess he thought I might have to fight for the movie.

I did decide while in town to pick up a few strawberry plants and some garden soil. The strawberries I transplanted a month ago didn’t make it through some cold nights. That’s my fault, I should have covered them. They are a bit fragile until their roots get sunk into the new earth.

The garden soil is so I can transplant some seedlings from little pots to slightly larger pots.  I’m getting a jump start on the garden this year.  At least, I hope I’m getting a jump start.  I’m not a great transplanter — as evidenced by the dead strawberries.


I am breaking up with Facebook.  Actually, that’s not entirely correct.   I’m not using it for anything other than family and church.  It wasn’t necessarily an easy decision, but it was one I began to feel strongly about.   I may yet decide to delete the entire account.

I’ve noticed that my other blog (Sunshine on the Bridge) contains more contemplative writing.  That is a good and healthy thing for me.  I need the space to write freely about what’s on my mind.  But, I don’t write about daily life there.  Nothing about what’s going on in the garden.  Nothing about our on-going efforts to live a sustainable life.  Nothing about what a sustainable life looks like with a chronic disease.

Lately I find myself with a desire to return to this blog and just write something daily–  to let a daily writing become a  habit.  This blog is a good place for that since I’ve always been exceptionally informal here.   So there will be daily posts with no discernible theme for the whole blog other than what the title suggests:  Hedges Happenings.

Jasper –year 1


Jasper:  10 weeks old, came home on 3/14/15, Chihuahua x Yorkie = Chorkie.

6″ tall, 11″ long, 3 pounds,mand healthy.

image image

image image


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