clean sweep, recap of week 2

I really feel like I’m making progress around here.

I lost 1 pound and 2 inches in week 2. I continue to have to think about portions (arrgghh!), but choosing clean food is back to a habit. I made a few odd choices this past week, but they weren’t impulsive choices. Exercise continues to go well. Each day I walk 3 miles plus do a video. Sunday is yoga, Monday is cardio, Tuesday and Wednesdays are strength training, Thursday is Pilates, Friday is cardio, and Saturday wraps up the week with an intense strength training.

The house has been thoroughly cleaned and decluttered. Daily tidy ups include the whole house and each room has an assigned total clean day. We put a bench by the front door to remind us to remove/put on shoes there. My plan is to buy us all some sort of “house only” shoe. Winter is hard on our floors. We bring in wood for the stove, we bring in snow, ice, etc. I also need to get a big indoor/outdoor rug for the area right inside the door all the way to bench.

I now have a dedicated work space. I am able to do some of my work from home and it is much easier having a place to do that instead of trying to balance it all on my lap. That also frees up the eating table and my “blogging” space. Incidentally, I found I can’t blog at my “work” desk. I have no idea why since I work on a laptop and blog on my iPad. Oh well, just one of those weird quirks, I guess.

Speaking of blogging, I’ve come up with a list of topics I’d like to write about. I’ve felt all bottled up lately and it will be good for me to open up. Again.

clean sweep, 5-6

Sunday — Day 5:  I woke up very late, because my sinuses were dripping all night.  I kept Kelly and I both from sleeping well.  I fully intended to get up and go to church.  But 20 minutes to get ready, when you already feel yucky — um, no.  They’ve been harvesting the fields around us.  That puts tons of dust and mold into the air.  So, i drip!

I did walk 30 minutes and do yoga.  Otherwise Sunday is my rest day!

Monday — Day 6 Back on the Wagon

*Before work: 1.5 miles on the treadmill
*After work: 30 minutes of gut busting cardio
*Meal 1: oatmeal with butter and maple syrup, turkey bacon, apple
*Meal 2: cottage cheese and blueberries
*Meal 3: Kind Bar
*Meal 4: celery and nut butter
*Meal 5: greens, carrot, olives, leftover steak with coconut oil (*the plan, just need to follow through)
*took my multivitamin and medications
*2 quarts of water with lemon and lime added

Day 4–Back to being Me

*Morning Devotions, Catechism Questions, and will do Evening Devotions.
*Thoroughly cleaned the laundry room and hallway
*Reading: A People Called Episcopalians
*Reading National Geographic October Issue

clean sweep, day 4

Day 4: I woke up reaching for my wool blanket sometime during the night. The temperature dropped dramatically and I was not prepared.

Day 4–Back on the Wagon

*Before taking Michael: 1.5 miles on the treadmill
*Later in the morning: 30 minutes of strength training
*Meal 1: oatmeal with butter and maple syrup, turkey bacon, apple
*Meal 2: Kind bar
*Meal 3: potato with sour cream, carrot
*Meal 4: cottage cheese and blueberries
*Meal 5: Not sure just yet
*took my multivitamin and medications
*2 quarts of water with lemon and lime added

Day 4–Back to being Me

*Morning Devotions, Catechism Questions, and will do Evening Devotions.
*Thoroughly cleaned “that room” and the eating area without music this morning.
*Reading: A People Called Episcopalians
*Blogging early since all 4 of us are going to be home in just a few minutes.

clean sweep, day 3

Day 3:  Rainy, wet, damp . . . makes for achy knees and hips.  I almost decided to stay in bed a few extra minutes, but then remembered I’d be blogging about the day.  I was up and dressed in no time flat.

Day 3 — Back on the Wagon

*Before work: 1.5 miles on the treadmill
*After work & lunch: 30 minutes of cardio
*Meal 1: oatmeal with butter and maple syrup, turkey bacon, apple
*Meal 2: crackers with peanut butter
*Meal 3: cottage cheese and blueberries
*Meal 4: mixed greens, chicken, tomato, seeds, oil, tortilla
*Meal 5: celery, carrot and nut butter
*took my multivitamin and medications
*2 quarts of water with lemon and lime added

Day 2 — Back to being Me

*Morning Devotions, Catechism Questions, and will do Evening Devotions.
*Thoroughly cleaned Living Room while listening to Billy Joel.
*Listened to German on the way to work
*Reading: A People Called Episcopalians
*Watched the clouds and the trees moving in the wind. Noticed how many more leaves are losing their color and falling. Can it really be time for bare limbs and birds at the feeder?
*Feeling contemplative this afternoon. It must be a consequence of watching nature go from Prime to Aging! I have a friend who seemed very out of sorts this morning. I failed to find time to provide a shoulder. I lost the opportunity. I prayed for her, but that doesn’t feel like enough today.

clean sweep, day 2

Day 2 arrived before I was ready.  The sun is no longer coming up as I am getting up.  It is dark in the morning now.  That makes it harder for me to get moving.  I crawled out of bed on time and got busy with my day.

Day 2 — Back on the Wagon (or treadmill and yoga mat, as the case may be)

  • Before work:  1.5 miles on the treadmill
  • After work & lunch: 30 minutes of Pilates.
  • I’m hoping for a short walk later this evening
  • Meal 1:  oatmeal with butter and maple syrup and 2 eggs
  • Meal 2:  apple
  • Meal 3:  cottage cheese and fruit
  • Meal 4:  mixed greens, turkey bacon, tomato, nuts, seeds, oil, torilla
  • Meal 5:  celery, carrot and nut butter
  • took my multivitamin and medications
  • 2 quarts of water with lemon and lime added

Day 2 — Back to being Me

  • Morning Devotions, Catechism Questions, and I am prepared for Evening Devotions.
  • Thoroughly cleaned Master Bedroom while listening to an old Steven Curtis Chapman CD.  1/4 bag for Goodwill, 1/8 bag garbage, and 1 load laundry.
  • Reading:  A People Called Episcopalians
  • Listening:  Bible/Matthew

clean sweep and a confession

It is October.  I’m not sure how that happened.  I’m not sure what I did with the month of September.  I consider that a real failure in my book.

I can tell you what I did not do with the month:

  • I did not eat well.
  • I did not exercise enough.
  • As a consequence, I did not control my symptoms well.
  • I did not clean my house regularly.
  • I did not spend enough time just “being.”
  • As a consequence, I did not control my spending well.

So . . . It is October.  I’ve decided to make a clean sweep of both my house and my body.

Day 1 — I thoroughly cleaned the Master Bathroom.

  • Time spent 1 hour while listening to an old Garth Brooks CD.
  • 1 bag of stuff to take to Goodwill, 1/4 bag of garbage, and 2 loads of laundry (mostly Kelly’s winter sweaters).
  • List:  Kelly needs black socks and white socks and long underwear.


Day 1 — I drank 2 quarts of water with lemon and lime juice.

  •  I did my Morning Devotions, Bible Reading, Catechism Questions, and am prepared to Evening Devotions.
  • I listened to a podcast on the importance of listening to the Bible, not just reading the Bible.  Very insightful and quite helpful.  I hope to look into an audio version later this evening.
  • I walked 1.5 miles on the treadmill this morning and am prepared to take a 2 mile walk as soon as it cools off.

Ah, Confession is good for the soul.  Accountability to my blog is good for my on-going health and well being.  Same time tomorrow?  Yep.  I’ll be here.

Knobstone Trail: final shakedown and gear list

We had our final shakedown this weekend. We learned some things that are simply not going to work, swapped some things out, prepped the food, and have final pack weights. It is very exciting after all these months of prepping. In less than 2 weeks we will be hiking instead of practicing!

Things I found didn’t work and so swapped out:
1. The Therma-a-rest SOLite was just too thin. After 2 hours on the ground my hips were “hot” and starting to ache. So I swapped out the 10 oz closed foam pad for a 14 oz Therma-a-rest Trail Scout (self-inflating). Much better on these old hips. I had purchased the Trail Scout hoping to return it (does that sound silly?), I really hoped the free SOLite would be enough.

2. In order to compensate for the additional 4oz for the sleeping pad, I chose to leave behind the bigger cookpot. I can boil water just as easily in my Stainless Steel (SS, hereafter).

3.  I may yet break down and make a bean bag pillow.  My clothes bag did not make me happy.  If I can do this for 3-4 oz, I will definitely take it.  I’m thinking I could make the case out of my very worn Doctor Who shirt.

4.  I really like my pack organized.  I tried just putting it all in there and pulling out what I needed, but this sent me into panic mode.  So now all my things are in bags and those bags are color coordinated.  Black = sleeping system.  Blue = kitchen + food.  Red = personal stuff

So my base pack is now:

1.  Pack:  Gregory Jade 34, small = 2 lb 14 oz

2.  Sleeping bag: Ozark mummy, 50 *, black bag #1 = 2 lb, 2 oz

3.  Therma-a-rest Trail Scout, small, Black Bag #2 (although in the picture it isn’t rolled up and put in the bag) = 14 oz

4.  KItchen *Blue Bags:  SS cup, insulated cup, spoon, pot lifter, sawyer mini, lighter, stove, bandana, cup lid and nylon bag =  1 lb 5 oz

5.  Kitchen *Blue Bags:  dehydrated lasagna, instant potatoes w/dehydrated chicken, trail mix, snack bars, instant oatmeal, hot chocolate. = 3 lb 8 oz

3.  Kitchen *not in blue bag:  fuel = 1 lb

4.  Clothing, Red bag #1:  sleep clothes, 2nd day trail underwear and socks, puffy jacket = 2 lb

5.  Personal Kit, Red bag #2:  first aid, toiletries, bug net, bandana, wet ones, “survival stuff,” iPhone, charger, and cables =  1 lb, 14 oz

Base Pack Weight = 11 lbs, 1 oz

Base + Food & Fuel:  15 lb, 9 oz

Base+Food, Fuel, 1 d water =17 lb, 13 oz


Kelly will be using the Therma-a-rest SOLite for his sleeping pad.  He thought he would do without one, but changed his mind.  This pad is much lighter than what he already had.  He is also considering carrying the bigger cookpot.

HIs backpack weighs 5 lbs, sleeping bag is 2 lb, 8 oz, sleeping pad is 10 oz, his kitchen set is 8 oz (unless he totes along the 7 oz cook pot), his food bag is 6 lb, tent+tarp+poles+stakes is 5 lbs, his personal kit hasn’t been weighed yet.  He is taking no electronics.  I think his total pack (which includes a gallon of water) weighs 30 pounds.  He isn’t as detail oriented as I am so we haven’t micro-managed his pack.  He may yet, but I wouldn’t count on it.

My idea of weighing the pack is to get the food scale, a bowl, paper and pen.  Weigh each item individually, place in their “kit bag,” and weigh collectively.  Kelly’s idea is to put it all in his pack and climb on the bathroom scale.  I know some of the weights because I’ve been weighing his base gear so we can keep it as low as possible.

I  have planned out our water cache sites.  I just need to buy the jugs of water, duct tape them around the lid, and drop them off.  The plan is to pick the water up each evening for the next day.  Camp shortly after picking them up, re-hydrate our dinners, refill the water bottles, and save enough for breakfast.  The empty jugs will be packed out and will weigh less than the food consumed each day.  So weight wise it is a wash.

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